10 Cities with the highest expected starting salaries in public accounting for 2022

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Rising Costs

From Going Concern, a nice summary from the public accounting portion of the 2022 Robert Half Accounting & Finance Salary Guide calling out those cities where salaries are projected to be WAY bigger than the national average.

Bear in mind, these salary numbers don’t reflect the additional costs incurred for onboarding new staff, and the additional burden that comes from high employee turnover.

Hardest Hit:

  1. San Francisco – Salaries at 42% higher than the national average
  2. San Jose – Salaries at 41% higher
  3. New York City – Salaries at 40.5% higher
  4. Oakland – Salaries at 35% higher
  5. Boston – Salaries at 34% higher
  6. Los Angeles – 33%
  7. Washington DC – 33%
  8. Irvine, CA – Salaries are 30% higher than the national average
  9. San Diego, CA – 29% higher
  10. Seattle – 29% higher

For all the gory details you can visit https://www.goingconcern.com/10-cities-where-starting-pay-in-public-accounting-will-be-the-highest-in-2022/

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