Success Stories

1) Challenge

This forward-thinking CPA firm based in NY, in navigating the complexities of their robust business model, sought a solution that went beyond conventional outsourcing, acknowledging the need for specialized assistance to finely tune their accounting processes for both quality and cost-effectiveness. Recognizing the value of our specialized services, they entrusted us with the responsibility.


Accsurant stepped in to address this challenge, offering a comprehensive expert solution that extended beyond outsourcing. By introducing remote staffing and flexibility into the work model, we ensured a seamless integration of on-site and remote teams. This approach not only enhanced overall efficiency but also provided the client with the advantages of a diverse and adaptable workforce. Furthermore, our services went beyond the conventional, encompassing end-to-end accounting setup, including bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, and in-depth analysis. Accsurant’s tailored solution empowered the client to not only meet their basic accounting needs but also gain valuable insights into their financial health and future opportunities.

2) Challenge

Our NPO client faced a complex challenge involving cash flow issues tied to accounts receivable and insufficient grant management. Effective resource allocation and the risk of overspending further compounded the difficulties.


We strategically tackled these challenges by implementing a comprehensive solution. This included categorizing budget areas, introducing Segregation of Duties, and standardizing procedures. Rigorous financial analysis, detailed record-keeping, and regular reconciliations ensured compliance. Insightful reports provided real-time data for informed decisions, while internal audits and cash reserve management fortified the organization’s financial framework. This not only addressed immediate challenges but positioned our client for sustained financial health and success.

3) Solution Design

Through collaborative efforts with the client, we designed a tailored OnPlan setup aimed at elevating financial modeling and insights. Our seamless integration of diverse financial data sources into OnPlan guarantees accuracy and real-time inputs. Customizing the modeling features to align with the client’s unique business scenarios and goals, we established a platform tailored to their needs. Our commitment to data accuracy and consistency within OnPlan ensures reliable financial modeling and forecasting results. Leveraging the advanced analytics capabilities, we extracted actionable insights from financial data, providing the client with a dynamic tool for informed decision-making. Comprehensive training sessions were conducted to empower the client’s team in effectively utilizing OnPlan for advanced modeling. The culmination of these efforts resulted in a successful OnPlan launch, marking a transformative milestone for the client by granting them advanced financial modeling capabilities and valuable strategic insights.

Accsurant provides a complete suite of services, including accounting, audit, advisory, and tax services. Our latest addition is specialty analytics, delivering real-time dashboards and business intelligence reports – an absolute game changer. Sustaining a remote dedicated staffing model, we serve startups, small to mid-sized companies, and large enterprises across diverse industries and are committed to delivering impactful solutions and building lasting partnerships.

Sekhar Naik

Sekhar is a visionary leader who founded MResult in 2004 with a commitment to delivering cutting-edge business and technology solutions that enable organizations to operate at peak performance. Rooted in a deep-seated passion for technology and entrepreneurship, Sekhar has over two decades of experience in the realms of Enterprise Analytics and Decision Sciences. Throughout his remarkable career, he has also been the driving force behind the creation of multiple companies, spanning various sectors such as Business Intelligence, Talent Acquisition, Accounting and Tax services, and Health Care management.
At the core of Sekhar's mission lies his unwavering dedication to helping organizations harness the power of data to enhance decision-making processes and streamline operations. He has coined the inspiring phrase, "Manage Information to Maximize Business Results," encapsulating his philosophy.
Sekhar's journey with MResult began humbly, with just three employees and a shared vision. Through his distinctive leadership approach, he has successfully transformed MResult into a global enterprise, now employing nearly 1,000 professionals across the world. His resolute belief in the potential of his team is a central pillar of his leadership philosophy. Sekhar empowers his employees to excel, not only in their professional roles but also in achieving personal success and professional growth. He generously shares his wealth of experiential knowledge with both his leadership team and dedicated staff on a daily basis.
In addition to his hands-on experience, Sekhar holds an MBA in Finance and Information Technology from the University of Delaware, complemented by an undergraduate degree in Finance from Mangalore University, India. Accsurant, the Accounting Division of MResult Corporation, epitomizes Sekhar's commitment to excellence in the accounting field.

Ramya Ramaswamy

Ramya is at the forefront of team leadership and the implementation of accounting best practices. With an impressive track record of over two decades, her background spans across domains such as Define Benefits, Accounting, Taxation, Operations, Quality Audits, Transitions, Lean / Agile practices and Project Management. Ramya's professional journey includes significant roles at Hinduja Global Solutions, Fidelity, and dynamic startup environments.
Ramya's academic accomplishments encompass a dual master’s degree in business management and clinical Psychology, acquired from the distinguished Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and the Indira Gandhi National Open University Delhi.

Samantha Coogan

Samantha is the Director of client relations for the brand Accsurant and Chief of Staff-US for MResult, where she combines a unique blend of creativity, resourcefulness, and genuine interest in people, to foster collaborative relationships and bridge the gap between technology, business needs, and executives.

In her role she acts as a trusted advisor to the executive teams, offering valuable insights and guidance, spearheading cross-functional initiatives, breaking down silos, and promoting synergy across departments. Her goal is to motivate individuals to achieve their full potential and consistently exceed expectations.

Recognizing that behind every successful project or initiative lies a team of dedicated individuals, she thrives on cultivating a supportive and collaborative work environment through effective communication and active listening. She ensures that all voices are heard, and diverse perspectives are valued, fostering an inclusive culture where innovation can thrive.

Sanjay Sahoo

Sanjay leads Accsurant’s Technology group. He joins Accsurant with over 25 years of experience in M&A, strategy development, governance, leadership, delivery of business-enabling innovative digital solutions for global organizations, and enabling strategic sourcing engagements from concept to realization.

Sanjay holds a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), India.