We’re proud to partner with these best of breed companies in cloud, practice management and advisory services. is a cloud-based project management platform that enables organizations to manage tasks, projects, and team work. As of 2020, the company serves 100,000+ organizations. is the next generation of efficiency and accuracy for Accounting firms, leveraging AI trained on hundreds of millions of documents and transactions for unparalleled performance.
No more manual data entry, approvals or ledger postings.

Think LLP teams with corporate tax departments and regional/local CPAs in delivering specialized tax services yielding significant tax savings and refunds. Over the last 15 years, they’ve served hundreds of small and medium size businesses as well as over 250 Fortune 500 companies.

UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes.

BDB helps in developing a comprehensive Decision Platform for various clients in an accounting firm, BDB dashboard is your go-to resource for creating comprehensive financial dashboards that offer real-time insights and drive data-informed decision- making for various clients with various types of data, including streaming, structured, and unstructured data.