There is Much More to Outsourcing than Cost

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There is Much More to Outsourcing than Cost

If you sit back and imagine a scenario in which you could magically triple the staff you currently have, what would you do? Never mind the economics for a moment, we will discuss that later. What could you do with three times the number of people striving to get your company closer to its business goals?

What would you tackle first? Sales and Marketing? With more boots on the ground, you could be so much more active in your market. Think of the results you’ve achieved from previous campaigns. Now think of tripling them, at the very least. You could outgrow your local environment and your nearest competitors in no time.

How outsourcing helps you win

Leveraging up your workforce while keeping costs down is the ideal scenario that every businessperson wants. It’s what will truly set you apart and get your business to the next level. That’s where outsourcing comes in, and yes, this is where we talk about the economics. In simple terms, outsourcing allows you to get much more done with so much less.

Outsourcing is not just about saving money. When used correctly, it can amplify everything you have been trying to do. You might ask how can you achieve this? Well, overseas workers are just as good as your local staff, but as they are based in affordable markets, they come at a fraction of the cost. With outsourcing, you can truly afford an overseas workforce that’s triple the size of your home workforce for roughly the same price.

How does it get done?

Outsourcing is only about saving money. The maxim that you can’t save your way to profitability applies here. Outsourcing helps your bottom line but feeds more into your top line in the form of new sales and more deals. Outsourcing is a catch-all term for “employment solutions.” All the big accounting firms have been doing it for decades to great effect. It involves work as diverse as offshore staffing, remote work, call centers and virtual assistants.

The big four have used it to great effect, yet small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been slow to come to the party. In truth, offshoring can transform your business and is among the most potent business tools around.

What you get from outsourcing

Here are some of the biggest benefits of offshore staffing. If you can find the right offshoring partner, you can harness these wins and truly get to new levels.

  • You can get started with Zero initial investment
  • You will realize long term cost savings simply from paying less
  • You will realize time savings as you cut down on ways to improve your business
  • You can standardize your processes to reach more clients with fewer errors
  • You can use offshoring to gear up your operations to the next level

At this point, we need to mention that outsourcing is not a magic solution that solves all the complexities of building a business. You probably already knew that. If you have been struggling with organizational dysfunction, there is no way a remote team can help you. Outsourcing partners primarily provide inexpensive staff to optimize your processes. They can’t be expected to solve deep-set problems.

Access to staff all over the world

But if you do pursue offshoring for what it is good for, you’ll find that you don’t have to limit your talent search to your local market. With the Great Resignation, businesses have had to become so much more agile. Offshoring could easily help a small business get access to a talent pool of many millions of intelligent, trainable staff who are eager to prove themselves.

It’s not just junior and mid-level staff that outsourced partners can provide. Offshoring now gives small and medium-sized businesses access to business school trained senior managers that speak your language and are willing to go the extra mile.

The Great Resignation taught us that staff attitudes are changing. Qualified workers in your local market may have different career plans than they had before. They certainly have more choice as there are so many industries on the hunt for whatever talent is available. Outsourcing secures highly qualified staff that have ambitions of being associated with your brand and who want to help you take your company to greater heights.

The bottom line

So, outsourcing is not only about cost savings. To call it that is to undersell the process in a major way. Outsourcing can truly magnify your staff holding for a manageable financial outlay. But more than that, it can give you skilled and committed individuals that will drive your business to success.

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Yann Beaullan-Thong

Yann Beaullan-Thong

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