Our People

Our People are our Business

Hiring the right people is essential to your success. Our recruiting and hiring process ensures we can offer you quality people when you need them.

  • Most staffing firms hire junior resources, some right out of school. Our people typically have 2-5 years of experience before they join us, which means easier onboarding and better quality work for you.
  • Before hiring we require our people pass online assessments for aptitude, personality and communication proficiency.
  • Our staff receive ongoing training and development to ensure they are up to speed on the latest technical and software skills, with a special focus on cross training.
  • We conduct biannual reviews where we evaluate team members on formal criteria and develop formal development plans.

Why Accsurant

We provide you with quality staff you can rely on with the margins you need to grow your business.

  • Stability: We’re a subsidiary of MResult, an American company based in Connecticut with 16 years of experience delivering knowledge-based teams to Fortune 500 companies
  • Reliability: Our turnover rate is less than half of the industry average
  • Partnership: A true partner that is willing to share the risk by starting small and growing your team as needed.
  • Process: A proven method for improving margin and operations for Outsourced Accounting Practices

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