Patience, Partnership & Professionalism

Over the years we’ve refined our process around our “3 P’s” – Patience, Partnership and Professionalism.


We take a long term view of client relationships. Our process is based on meeting your immediate needs, while growing your capacity to achieve long term goals.

What to Expect

1. Your Business, Your Processes
When you first engage with Accsurant, we’ll match you with a dedicated Team Lead (typically a chartered accountant with 4-5 years of experience) with training in the special needs of nonprofit accounting.

Your Team Lead will work with you to learn your business and processes and will help you adapt those processes to our remote team model. All the while, they’ll be working on real client accounts, so you start seeing value immediately.

2. Standardize around Best Practices
As your Team Lead learns your business, he’ll help ensure you standardize and document your processes across your firm.

3. Transparency & Control
All work is tracked and managed online so you know exactly what’s happening and how your team is being utilized. Regular meetings keep you in the know and in control (see below for more on that).

4. Dependability & Availability
Proven Business Continuity Processes and reliable infrastructure ensures your team is available and productive when you need them.


Our process ensures clear communication and frequent touch-points.

Typical Team Structure

Typical Engagement Structure


You’ll have daily contact with your Team Lead and Team, working through or the practice management software of your choice. We work as a seamless extension of your team.


You’ll have weekly, formal meetings with your Team Manager and Account Manager to review the team’s performance, utilization, and identify opportunities for process improvements.  


Our Practice Lead meets monthly with your firm’s senior leadership to review how well we’re meeting your overall business goals.

As Needed

As we learn more about your business, we’ll work with our technology team to identify additional opportunities where you can leverage technologies, such as AI, RPA and office automation.


Our employees are your team members. We invest in our people to ensure that you get the best motivated, professional workers available. Our accounting professionals receive:

  • Generous compensation with paid time off
  • Ongoing training in accounting best practices
  • Scorecard based skills development with clearly defined paths for professional and individual development.

Contact us to learn more or tell us about your needs