How the ‘Crawl, Walk, Run’ methodology gives you the comfort to go offshore

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How the ‘Crawl, Walk, Run’ methodology gives you the comfort to go offshore

You’ve seen it all before. Some CAS practices think there is a magical solution to address their capacity needs. They offshore their operations but do it with a healthy fear that bedding in a new system will be time-consuming and disruptive. Sometimes those fears are realized.

These firms can end up disrupting a workflow that was already running at a good level and set themselves back several steps. Sound familiar? It probably does. Does it scare the life out of you? Definitely. But what if there was a way to offshore your operations with minimal disruption?

Accsurant reduces disruption and risk

Offshoring doesn’t have to cost your senior partners precious time they don’t have. With us, you can see all the benefits of offshoring without feeling like you must babysit a new system.

As a 15-year-old Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company, we know how to offer you all the benefits of KPO, but we also know that what often holds you back is the fear of being stuck in never-ending implementation meetings.

That’s why we’ve dedicated our existence to making sure that all the benefits of KPO stick. Our implementation process is based on starting off with a small footprint. We place our best resources in your business to help you with the activities that are causing you the most trouble, or where you want to grow capability the quickest.

We only appoint the most highly experienced people who can learn your process quickly and start producing right away. It’s part of their job to learn more about your business and begin to make insightful suggestions about how to improve and scale your process. As you take on more of our resources, the initial team members handle the responsibility of training and managing the new people.

Our overall process takes less time than a traditional outsourcing approach, but that doesn’t mean that people on your team won’t have to spend significant amounts of time with our teams to get it right. The overall impact to your operations will be small, but you’ll start seeing large benefits in a very short time.

We have designed our entire onboarding process with an eye on reducing waste from the start. We’ve found that the best way to fight time-consuming investments is to adopt the “Crawl, Walk, Run” methodology.


This process looks like not having the right tools in your company to ensure your success. Sometimes its foundational. Maybe there is something in your architecture or setup that will not get you where you need to go. Ignoring these problems could leave you stuck in the sand.

Solution – We work hard to meet your immediate capacity needs. We provide you with an initial resource who can start working right away to ease your pain. We’ll work to understand your technology stack, train your people on what to look for and how to use our tools to get you to understand where you are lacking.

We will design a program that allows you to confirm the concept and make sure that offshoring resources are the right fit. We make sure that the program takes only eight weeks and requires a minimum of resources from your end.

Remember, we’re coming in and learning your business while doing real work. As we learn more, we’ll begin to make meaningful suggestions on how to improve your process. It’s an iterative process of constant improvement that minimizes disruption.


You’ve ironed out the kinks in your foundational setup. Now it’s time to focus on existing capability and capacity that drives results. You’ve introspected, now you can set clear measurable KPIs before you move forward. You can also start to see the first returns.

Solution – In this phase, we ensure that the senior resource we’ve allocated to you takes an objective look at your processes and makes recommendations on how you can work smarter and more cost effectively.


This phase is about having your new processes in place, along with an ongoing program of measurement and optimization. This period typically spans weeks four to eight. We keep assigning more ambitious deliverables to the account lead. We continue to drive home best practices.

It’s decision time at the end of the eight-week program

By now, we’ll be able to give you a solid set of recommendations on how to achieve your goals. From here, you have two choices:

  • Option A: you decide to stop the program. But remember, our provable track record of success, complete with references, is 100% for firms that continue with us from this stage.
  • Option B: You decide to continue with the program to consolidate and magnify the wins.

If you do decide to stop, you will have made a minimal investment in time and money. If you decide to continue with us, we sign an agreement that allows you to leave at any time with a 90-day notice period.

If you stay with us the whole way, the wins don’t stop there. We implement a strategy to expand the capacity and timetable, and if you need us to, we can even hire and develop people. With testing and some early gains behind us, you can start to see exponential returns on your investment. It is truly a system that can give you the comfort to finally go offshore.

Contact us for a one-hour discovery meeting to learn how Accsurant can implement the Fast Track Program in your business today.

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Yann Beaullan-Thong

Yann Beaullan-Thong

Yann is Accsurant’s president. With 20 years experience and six different technology startups behind him, Yann has a proven track record in developing innovative solutions based on his technology and financial acumen.