How Can We Make Accounting More Interesting for Today’s Hires?

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How Can We Make Accounting More Interesting for Today’s Hires?

After reading this article, I started to think about what makes new generations of accountants different from older generations.

In the early days, when I entered the field, the Big 4 firms dominated everywhere and were known for their hierarchical structure and conservative approach to business. I remember having to dress sharp and formally every time I showed up to the office.

Sticking to business norms and procedures was the most important thing. You had to show your dedication every single day and work long hours under incredible pressure, because, guess what, there was no automation and very little outsourcing!

Fast forward to today. We hear the terms “great resignation”, “quiet quitting”, and “work-life balance.” It’s come full circle. Today’s accountants want a different life, and that’s what the article is saying. The author suggests creating an entrepreneurial mindset for firms so new hires can thrive in a challenging environment. But the basic bookkeeping and accounting work still has to happen.

That’s why so many firms now are looking to outsourcing as a way to ensure this basic but important work is done, and done well.

Why don’t you assign your new accountants with strong interpersonal and communication skills the job of building relationships with clients, managing expectations, and even selling into new channels when they have enough experience? If they can see the impact of their work firsthand, then we are likely to have a generation of more fulfilled accountants. We can take care of the bookkeeping and accounting.

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Yann Beaullan-Thong

Yann Beaullan-Thong

Yann is Accsurant’s president. With 20 years experience and six different technology startups behind him, Yann has a proven track record in developing innovative solutions based on his technology and financial acumen.