Easy Onboarding for Fast Results

Our fast-track process can have you up and running with a single resource or a team – in some cases in as little as a week.

1. Discovery Call(s)

We’ll conduct one or more initial calls with you to identify what skillsets you need and deliverables we’ll be working on. This results in a signed statement of work.

2. Planning Meeting(s)

Review what accounting application(s) you use, and agree on the security procedures we’ll use to keep your data safe. 

3. KickOff

One hour remote kickoff meeting to meet your new Accsurant resources, review highlights from the statement of work, and review the Fast Track implementation plan.

4. Knowledge Transfer

One-time knowledge transfer sessions where you get your Accsurant team up to speed on the work they’ll be doing. Based on this, we create detailed documentation, and we become responsible for training any additional resources you may choose to bring on.

5. Go-Live

Initially you will provide oversight and guidance to the work we’re doing, but in short order we’ll be independently producing client-ready production work with minimal input from you.

6. Regular Check-Ins

You’ll have daily contact with your team through online chat, email and video conference. In addition we schedule weekly formal check-ins to review work in progress and discuss any issues for opportunities for improvements.

Why Accsurant

We provide you with quality staff you can rely on with the margins you need to grow your business.

  • Stability: We’re a subsidiary of MResult, an American company based in Connecticut with 16 years of experience delivering knowledge-based teams to Fortune 500 companies
  • Reliability: Our turnover rate is less than half of the industry average
  • Partnership: A true partner that is willing to share the risk by starting small and growing your team as needed.
  • Process: A proven method for improving margin and operations for Outsourced Accounting Practices

Contact Us

Contact us with questions or to tell us more about your needs.