Concierge Business Intelligence

Personalized "hands-on" business intelligence solution for C-level executives and decision makers

Business Intelligence and FP&A should be essential parts of your decision-making process, but in many companies BI reports take too long to produce and are difficult to use.

We combine dedicated analytics teams with a robust data platform so you can get your own BI reporting done when and how you want.

Like a true concierge your analytics team works closely with you to understand your specific business needs, perform in-depth analysis, and deliver actionable reports.

How it works

We provide you with a one-stop shopping solution that includes:

A dedicated analytics team:
  • One or more Business Analysts with backgrounds in Finance and Accounting
  • Data Scientist and Data Engineer
  • Visual designer
A robust analytics and forecasting platform that:
  • Integrates financial and operational data through a library of custom data connectors
  • Provides rich visualizations and interactive reports
  • Supports predictive analytics, AI/ML and more
A streamlined implementation process that requires minimal involvement from your corporate IT

A convenient monthly subscription model with no additional software licensing costs.

DataStream Analytics Platform

DataStream is a complete analytics platform able to take data from a variety of sources and produce rich, insight-driven dashboards and reports you can use yourself or share with your direct reports.

Example dashboard

Use your Concierge BI Team to...


  • Analyze patient data from large populations to identify trends, patterns, and gaps in care.
  • Optimize resource allocation by analyzing patient volumes, admissions and discharges, bed utilization, and staffing levels.
  • Track referral patterns to support provider outreach and patient education initiatives.
  • Track patient outcomes and costs to support negotiations with payers.
  • Assist in ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and reporting requirements.

Financial Management

  • Aggregate financial and operational data from various sources and departments, providing a centralized view of financial performance.
  • Provide insights into key financial metrics that facilitate quick analysis and aid in strategic decision-making.
  • Create more accurate budgeting and forecasting models by integrating historical data, current trends, and various scenarios.
  • Identify potential risks and compliance issues by analyzing financial data and patterns.
  • Evaluate investment opportunities and assess the financial impact of new projects.


  • Aggregate data from various sources, such as sales, customer behavior, social media interactions, and website traffic.
  • Improve customer segmentation and targeting.
  • Identify which marketing channels are most effective for reaching different target audiences.
  • Perform customer journey analysis to understand pain points, optimize touchpoints, and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Determine ROI for various marketing initiatives.

Why Accsurant

Technical Expertise

Accsurant offers a comprehensive suite of financial solutions, including business intelligence analytics, financial planning and analysis, and offshore staffing. Our integrated approach ensures seamless collaboration and provides you with end-to-end support.

Industry Knowledge

Through our parent company, MResult, we bring experience in a variety of industries including healthcare, life sciences, banking and retail.

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