Automated Accounts Payable

Automation and Machine Learning have become critical offerings in Accounting firm’s shift to value based business models. Clients value automation and the greater efficiency it represents. represents the next generation of efficiency and accuracy for Accounting firms. Leveraging AI trained on hundreds of millions of documents and transactions, removes the need for manual data entry, approvals or ledger postings, with reporting that gives you and your clients insight into the entire AP workflow. works with all the top accounting software


Processing and Understanding documents

Through computer vision and document interpretation algorithms, we can read and understand a document, for instance, an invoice, and combine that information to make useful predictions about what to do with it.

Classifying to the General Ledger

By understanding vendors, item lines and context, the platform will predict how to post the bill to your General Ledger.


Approving bills to be paid can be time consuming for many reasons. Documents that need approval tend to pile up and processing times can grow lengthy as people go on vacations or even leave the company. Our AI learns a client’s approval process and can act as a fully automated approver when activated.

Electronic payments

Payments can be either costly, time-consuming or sometimes even both. The platform is connected to the payment platform in order to execute and monitor your business payments for you allowing for more time available to grow the business.

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