We Help You Grow Your Outsourced Accounting Practice

Accounting firms that offer outsourced accounting services are faced with trends that threaten their profitability.

  • Tight competition forcing lower profit margins
  • Limited/expensive resource pool for experienced accountants
  • New disruptive technology challenging existing business processes
  • An economic and health crisis forcing their clients to cut costs wherever they can.

Managing these risks requires that firms rethink how they work.

Do for Yourself What You Do for Your Clients

We provide our clients with remote accounting teams and automations that support their own outsourcing operations, in effect providing them all of the benefits they give their clients.


  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Scale Resources based on Need


  • Improve/Standardize Processes
  • Measure Performance
  • Focus on Core Competencies


  • Free Staff to Deliver Higher Value Services to Clients

An Approach Based on Patience

Our parent company, MResult, has been providing remote teams and knowledge process outsourcing services to fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. Accsurant brings that same staffing and resource management experience to Accounting firms.

Over the years we’ve learned that successful outsourcing takes patience; taking the time to get it right.

Building Your Team

Building a team takes time and we pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our clients (and our 95% client retention rate!)


Building your team starts with a dedicated team lead – generally a chartered accountant with 4-5 years experience, who takes the time to learn your processes and business.


All work is done through our task-management portal. You have complete total visibility on your team, and dynamic dashboards give you insights on which clients and services you’re spending the most resource on.


Additional team members or automated processes are added as needed, based on regular check-ins with your Team Lead and U.S. based Account Manager.

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